Sunday, March 27, 2011

Trip to the Portland Art Museum

Thursday and Fridays of this week I'll be gone to the FATE conference in St. Louis. I will be presenting and leading a workshop along with printmaking and design instructor, Angela Batchelor on collaborative, cross-disciplinary projects.  You can find out more about this project by following this link here.

Instead of class you will be heading out to the Portland Art Museum to view their permanent Photography collection. It is primarily portraits and there are a number of photographers, genres as well as techniques that are good to check out as we will be looking at some of these images and artists this term.  You should use class time in which to go to the museum but can also opt to go during the weekend. You will be expected to go before we meet the second week of the term.

Information about the Portland Art Museum is here.
It will cost you $10. to get a student pass (bring your ID card). This lasts you for the academic year - so through the summer and it will need to be renewed in the Fall.  If you choose not to purchase the pass your admission is $9. with the ID as well. So you can see that it's a pretty good deal.

For my digital photo II students, this will count as one of your museum visits.  Please bring back a name of an artist or print you would like to share with us, research a little info on them/it and be prepared to discuss information in class.

Should you wish to do more you can always check Newspace and Push Dot for First Fridays in SE Portland. There are always great openings going on then. Another great gallery is Blue Sky which is located downtown.

All of these places have links here on the blog and you can get directions and specifics from their websites.

Have a great time and I'll be sure to keep y'all posted.

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